Sit on your throne and
lead your dynasty through the Middle Ages

Medieval Dynasty:
Game of Kings

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Medieval Dynasty: Game of Kings

Medieval Dynasty is a game set in the Middle Ages, from 476 to 1492 AD, in which you have to rule over your kingdom.

Different rulers will occupy the throne in your stronghold and each will have their merits and their manias.

Sometimes you'll have to make decisions while playing the role of an insane king, sometimes a wise king.

Medieval Dynasty


You can play the role of a King on all your devices: iOS, Android and Windows 10!

Game of Kings

Turn-based strategy

Medieval Dynasty is a medieval turn-based strategy game with a combination of role-playing elements: intrigue, simulation and adventure.

Medieval Dynasty


Medieval Dynasty Game of Kings is available in different languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish.

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Take command, your Majesty, and measure yourself against the burdens and honours that will lead you on to greatness

Dynamic historical events

Satisfy the demands of your subjects to keep the peace in the kingdom and put yourself to the test through a series of historical events, dynamically connected to each other.

Domino Effect

Make choices, accumulate resources, and issue real decrees during each turn of the game. But remember that this will all have an impact on the longevity and the future of the king currently sitting on the throne.

Game of Kings

Are you ready to wear the crown and rewrite the history of the Middle Ages in this Game of Kings?

Balance the choices

Manage thorny political issues and the intricate interpersonal relationships between the members of the council and the royal family.

Legendary Dynasty

Build a magnificent castle, make alliances, enlist the help of advisors and become the undisputed master of your dynasty!

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Discover new content and face new challenges in every game: with over 4,000 rounds you can enjoy many hours of fun back in the Middle Ages.


Will you succeed in obtaining the loyalty of the vassal states and putting down the rebellions that want to depose the rulers of your dynasty?


Will you be able to prevent war and famine from decimating your subjects?



medieval turn-based strategy game with a combination of role-playing elements: intrigue, simulation and adventure.


Whatever you decide will have implications and consequences. In this choices game you have to plan your moves wisely!


Now it is your turn to sit on the throne and lead the kingdom. Can you keep your dynasty alive?

News and Reviews

May 03 2019 - Expansion 1.1.0 The Rise of the King

The first expansion of Medieval Dynasty is now available for iOS, Android and Windows 10! What's new:
- Dynastic Talents: adds dynastic talents to allow for different game strategies
- Conquest Map: adds the ability to view the world map and the conquests gained during military events
- Plot Events: adds new plot events with different challenges that will happen in certain historical periods
- Milestones: new milestones with rewards in dynastic anniversaries
- New random events
- Bug fixes